WordPress Zazzle Store Gallery Plugin

This is a WordPress plugin for integrating your Zazzle store feed into your WordPress blog. The plugin works with WordPress 3.0.

To see an example of the plugin in action, look at the bottom of the sidebar on the right hand side for the Zazzle widget, and then check out our Shop page for the Zazzle store display.

Easily configure your Zazzle store through the Settings section in the Administration interface:

  • Limit your store to a certain product line only
  • Choose a background color for product images
  • Select product image size (tiny, small, medium, large, huge)
  • Select a product listing design theme

Other Features

  • Shortcode support with TinyMCE button config screen
  • Semantic HTML markup with plenty of hooks for your own themes
  • Comes with multiple themes out-of-the-box
  • Widget support


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